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Our law firm has been operating independently on the legal services market since 1996. Over that time, we have provided legal services to hundreds of clients – private individuals and businesses alike.

The key driver behind our work is to provide legal services to clients in such a manner that their interests are protected and enforced effectively and efficiently.

We believe that, in order to realize this vision, a law firm and its lawyers should pursue a case-by-case approach: besides personal commitment, this requires sufficient expertise and the experience needed to handle a particular case. For this reason, we have never aimed to build up an anonymous law firm where law often becomes a business, and we never will; instead, our objective is to foster a law firm where law is a service.

All cases that clients entrust to us are handled by lawyers with sufficient grounding, knowledge and experience in the type of case involved. It is unlikely, then, that a case requiring many years of experience will be assigned to a legal trainee. Our approach allows our firm to wield effective control over all the actions it undertakes.

Not least, regardless of the circumstances we are always careful to respect the ethical rules associated with our status as lawyers.


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